Jim’s ride to the Departure Lounge Cafe, Alton, Tuesday, March 8

Now there's a funny thing . . . Jim's six bikies never got there. Not far off Bentworth came a message via Nigel, via wife Kaye, that the cafe was shut because PC Plod was hunting for evidence after a break-in. Nothing stolen but the intruder, or intruders, had made a mess of the place. So they diverted to the garden centre at Lasham then wound their way home via Lower Froyle, Bentley and Crondall. A nippy ride, finishing about 1.15pm for most but they had another of those totally wrong weather forecasts. A day "advertised" by the Met Office via the BBC told us that it would be dry yet cold. So where did that flurry of almost freezing rain appear from? The sooner the Beeb dump the Met Office contract the better. Maybe the new providers, from New Zealand, will get it right. No mechanical failures but how does "Iron Bob" do it, he of the open-toed bike shoes? When asked why he wasn't wearing gloves, he said he would put them on when it was cold. He didn't! The only roadkill worth noting was a baby rabbit and a young pheasant lying dead next to each other on the climb up to Herriard. Carelessness or a suicide pact? But for the eagle-eyed, a buzzard was spotted in a field near Crondall. Pleasant day out, Jim, but surely it's got to get warmer before March is out.

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