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About Our Rides

Bike rides several days of every week

More information about the various rides can be found by looking at the ride-specific pages in the OUR RIDES menu above.

You can also get in touch with the ride leader or ride organiser.

The Calendar has details of all the forthcoming cycle rides for all the ride levels from one star to five star.

Fleet Cycling rides overview and category definitions

See individual pages for more details of each ride category – click the links in the table below.

RidePace, avg mphDistance, milesHills, %FitnessRides available



85-12<3Able to cycle short distances of less than 5 miles but also up to 12 miles on mostly flat roads or slight hills/inclines at an easy pace of up to 8 mph – also suitable for families with young children.

Special events




915-253-4Able to cycle medium distances of up to 25 miles, but at an easy pace of 9 mph on flat roads with minor hills of 3% or 4% gradient.

Weekly Club Rides 

Wednesday (Summer Only)



1230-406-7Able to cycle longer distances of up to 40 miles at a medium pace of 12 mph with short but steeper hills of 6% or 7% gradient.

Weekly Club Rides

Tuesday, Sunday.



1440-808-10Able to cycle long distances of up to 80 miles at a medium pace of 14 mph with longer hills of gradient up to 10%.

Weekly Club Rides




>15>80>10Able to cycle long distances of over 80 miles at a faster pace, in excess of 15 mph, and long steep hills with gradients steeper than 10%.Special events