Covid-Compliant Rides

Rides are generally on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. See the Calendars for more details.

If you wish to ride with us please read Instructions for Riders below.

Leaders should also read Instructions for Leaders below.

Fleet Cycling will always recognise the pace of the slowest rider and will NEVER leave anyone behind.


Instructions for Riders


Before the ride

    • Bring the following:

    • A face covering, as you may not be allowed into some venues without one. We also advise wearing a face covering if providing technical or medical assistance.
    • Hand wipes or hand sanitiser, in case of a mechanical or medical issue where you need to assist or be assisted by another rider.
    • Enough equipment to be self-sufficient: tyre levers; pump; puncture repair or inner tube.
    • Emergency Contact details: carry the name and number of an emergency contact, to be used in the unlikely event of an incapacitating accident. Details could be on paper/card (possibly using a standard service providing QR codes - search the web for "ICE QR code tag"), or set up on your phone as per this article
    • Emergency Location: if you have a smartphone, we recommend you load the What3Words app. This allows you to send a precise location to emergency services.


During the ride

  • Wherever possible, first aid should only be carried out by qualified first aiders. If you are a first aider, please read the St John's Ambulance Covid-19 advice for first aiders
  • Maintain social distancing of at least one metre at all times before, during, and at the end of a ride.
  • Be prepared to move to a suitably-spaced single file formation when road conditions require it.
  • Practice good hygiene, including moving to the back of the bunch to clear your throat or to blow your nose. Do not share food or drink, and avoid contact with another rider's bike or equipment.
  • During repairs move bike away from others if necessary to maintain distancing. If it is necessary for other riders, not in the same household, to assist with repairs, then they should wear a face covering if possible, and clean surfaces and hands appropriately, e.g., with hand wipes or hand sanitiser. (hence riders and leaders should bring hand wipes or hand sanitiser on rides)

Coronavirus High-Risk or Self-Isolating?

  • If you are defined as high risk for Covid-19 you must review the government guidance for high risk individuals, and take your own responsibility for when, where and with whom you ride.
  • If you should be self isolating you must not join a group ride.


Instructions for Leaders


  • Check with all riders that they are carrying emergency contact details, either in hardcopy or in the emergency contacts facility of their phone. If they are not, you should make a note of such details and (for data protection purposes) destroy it after the ride. For non-members you need to obtain a guest registration form with contact details. Please keep this for four weeks, or pass on to the Rides Secretary (Ed Humphrey) or the club Secretary (Andrew Perkins).
  • Make yourself aware of St John's Ambulance Covid-19 advice for first aiders Wherever possible, first aid should only be carried out by qualified first aiders.
  • Remember to follow the standing instructions for leaders, for which you will find a link at the foot of every page on this site, as Ride Leader Guidance.

We also provide some pocket checklists which you can carry with you when leading a ride: