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Advice on using GPS devices for our Routes, etc

Freeing-up memory space on a Garmin device

Hi Folks, thought this might be useful for the nerds amongst you! For a few weeks I have had problems loading routes to my Edge Explore 820. I found if I dleted a route from the device that I could add a new route but doing this with the device is time consuming because you…
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Downloading gpx files from our website to Garmin Edge devices

We have found that our gpx files do not display correctly when downloaded to the "New Files" folder of Garmin Edge devices. We have recently found that by exporting the file downloaded from the Fleet Cycling website to Bike Hike and then downloading the file from Bike Hike as a 'gpx' or 'tcx' file does…
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How to load GPX files to your Garmin Edge

If the Fleet Cycling GPX file doesn't work on your device try the following: 1. Connect your Garmin device to the computer by USB 2. Download GPX track file from the Fleet Cycling Website and save somewhere memorable 3. Open BaseCamp, Go to File >> Import, select the GPX track file in Step 2 4.…
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