Drawing Pins on road

Nine cyclists suffered multiple punctures when they rode through drawing pins scattered across the road.
Riders from Fleet Cycling club were going past Taplins Court on Sunday morning between Dogmersfield and Hartley Wintney when they were brought to a halt.
One of them, Nick Hill, said: "It was bizarre. One minute we were happily cruising along in the winter sunshine. Next minute, there were hissing tyres all round us. Some were spiked by one drawing pin. Others had them sticking out of front and back tyres.
"We all carry spare tubes and levers and kerbside repairs held us up. We went back to the spot and cleared the pins off the road, which must have been thrown there deliberately. What a mean trick. Horses could have been affected, as well as car drivers."
The group re-formed to reach their destination at the Bakery in Old Basing.
"It can be tough riding a bike in this part of the world," said Nick, from Church Crookham. "Many drivers take a dislike to you sharing their road space and cut you up. One of our group is still recovering from serious injuries after being hit from behind by a car near Farnham just before Christmas.
" But we tough it out and love the benefit of fresh air, keeping fit and the camaraderie."
Fleeting Cycling is a flourishing group, meeting at Hart Leisure Centre on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and organises other outings to suit all levels.

Our Chairman, Peter Narey, who was leading our Pedal2gether group ride for new cyclists, said "We had a good turnout yesterday with six Pedal2gether riders and myself. We decided to amalgamate with the Sunday ride at least until the coffee stop in Old Basing. About three miles into our ride chaos ensued. On Taplins Farm Lane we rode over drawing pins which some malicious idiot had thrown all over the road. This caused a long delay because of the necessity to deal with punctures. Five of the Pedal2gether riders decided to call it a day and went home. Such a shame as the turnout was good.”

Since our incident, I have contacted Gearly Beloved, another cycling group in the Fleet, and their members have had four separate similar incidents all along Taplins Farm Lane. Their leader, Dominic Beatty said of one these incidents "we had a very similar experience in exactly the same spot. White van man (Ford Transit) at Taplins Farm. He shouted at two of us, "Enjoy your ride", as we passed him. Two out of three of us then got punctures from drawing pins. A member of the group managed to pick up around 20 drawing pins that had been strewn across the road.”

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