Ed’s Easter Sunday ride to Conkers Garden Centre, Hatch

Ed accumulated maximum Brownie points before they had even left Hart Leisure Centre . . . . chocolate cream eggs all round for the troupe of five. They were warned by the Met Office! Sure enough, nine miles out, thunder and lightning then icy rain poured down, but they did miss a hailstorm not half-a-mile away. Sheltering under one of those giant cedars next to Tylney Hall golf course, the riders wondered why anyone would be daft enough to turn out on such a vile day . . . to play golf. Diverted to Old Basing to The Bakehouse which was closed, and, sadly, has a "Freehold for Sale" notice. Looked as though it was still trading. A curious sign in the window caused a few sniggers: "Breastfeeding Welcome Here". Conkers was closed, too, so they agreed to make for Odiham where they called at the Next Door cafe, all seats taken so they toughed it out on the pavement furniture. Joined by a bikie in distress holding a pedal crank which had come adrift. No one had a big enough Allan key to fix it back on. Next moment, he was chasing off down the street to catch up with his £10 note which had blown off the table. Excellent, quick service of coffee and cakes at a reasonable price. Quite an enjoyable, truncated ride . . . at least there was warm sunshine some of the way.E

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