Graham’s aka ‘Oldermanonabike’ ride to Kingsley


With winter fading and temperatures rising, the catalogue of excuses for staying home on Sunday is fast running out. Nine rode from Hart Leisure Centre, including two new "recruits" - Chris, and Saty, the latter putting the wimps to shame by turning out in shorts. Graham had the route all mapped out through his close friend, Garmin, and the morning unfolded through flooded roads, debris, broken-off branches and other hazards which demanded serious concentration: aggressive 4x4s hogging the back roads and serious potholes. Despite strong winds which seemed to come from all directions, there was the bonus of daffodils and snowdrops at their best on the route via Crondall, Long Sutton, the tricky descent through Yarnhams, Lower Froyle, Binsted and South Hay Into Kingsley, followed by decently-priced beverages at Country Market. It was comparatively warm, too, and there was a brief halt for a photocall with the war memorial as a backdrop in Bentley. Ride time and break time: just short of four hours. Report by Nick Hill

See Graham's route here -

Fleet Cycling 21 Feb 2016

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