A Vision for Cycling Development in Fleet


  • Everyone should be able to cycle safely in Fleet Town and the immediate surrounding Parishes
  • Children should be able to cycle safely to school on dedicated traffic free cycle paths;
  • Safe cycle paths to shops in Fleet Town Centre;
  • Safe cycle paths to the Leisure Centre – particularly from Crookham Village and from Elvetham Heath.
  • All cycle paths running along a main road, should give priority to cyclists on the cycle path over traffic exiting or entering the side road to/from the main road. Equivalent to cyclists progressing along the main road;
  • Ideally, cycle paths should be dedicated to cyclists, separated from traffic and pedestrians.

Development of Existing Cycling Infrastructure and links to complete access to essential facilities such as Schools, Leisure Centre and Parks

  • Existing cycle paths should be linked to to form a cohesive integrated network.
  • Existing cycle paths should be engineered to a common standard – as good as Baker Way
  • Suggested priority order for development:
  1. Proper cycle path from the Town Centre to the Station (suggestion that the northern footpath of Fleet Road (from Pearsons Corner to the Station) is re-engineered to be a cycle path segregated from road traffic;
  2. Segregated cycle path extension from near Reading Road/Hitches Lane roundabout to Leisure Centre and Calthorpe Park School – cycle path running along the westerly side of the road and also serving the new Berkley Homes development
  3. Extension of Baker Way near Tavistock Infant School, utilising existing rough track and upgrading to a 3 metre wide metalled cycle path link to Netherhouse Moor. Linking to Crookham Road
  4. Conversion of the Hitches Lane easterly footpath from Calthorpe Park School to Pilcot Road to provide a shared cycle path/footpath segregated from the road, thus providing safe access from Crookham Village
  5. South Fleet access to the Station via Oakley Park. Conversion of footpaths through the park from Albany Road and Connaught Road (via Burnside) to cycle paths exiting Oakley Park on Kings Road. Traffic light (cyclist operated) crossing of Kings Road and a short segregated cycle path along Kings Road to access Kent Road then via Chestnut Grove and Fleet Pond to the Station. Possible future extension of this path via a cycling bridge over the Basingstoke Canal.

Possible Future Development of New Cycling Infrastructure

  • Pedestrian/Cycling friendly Town Centre. Fleet Road from Church Road to the Oatsheaf Crossroads should be pedestrianized with a central cycle path – only delivery vehicles accessing the area; Traffic lights at Victoria Road/Upper Street crossing; This might not be possible but an alternative could be a one way street for vehicles with cyclists permitted two way access. Albert Street to be one way to permit contra flow.

Development of cycle usage as every day transport in the Town by training and education

  • To be developed

Education of Councillors, Town Planners to understand the benefits that cycling brings - reduced traffic and a healthier population.

  • To be developed but THINK NETHERLANDS

Development of Draft prepared by Colin Waters, Secretary, Fleet Cycling following meeting with Mike Mellor, Mike Fox and Graham Jones.

Issued by Colin Waters on 1st November 2017

Copies to those present
Plus Councillors K Crookes and S Forster for information.