John Crossley Campaign – Cycling UK Trustee Nominee

Fleet Cycling is pleased to announce member John Crossley’s application for Trustee has been accepted by the Nominations Committee of Cycling UK (CUK). His name will be put forward to members on the upcoming ballot. John is one of only 8 people who made it through to the final round, competing for 5 vacancies. CUK felt that John’s application was a strong one - and we think it would be great to have a local member on the Board of Trustees.

CUK, founded in 1878, is the largest cycling charity in the UK, with a strong membership base and a strong voice at Westminster and the devolved nations. CUK is passionate about enabling people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to cycle safely, easily and enjoyably.

The specific skills, qualities and characteristics that CUK are looking for in a Trustee are skills that John has acquired in his banking career spanning 20+ years. He has held senior roles within financial services, currently Head of Credit Cards for Bank of Ireland. Before that, he was Head of Credit Cards and Personal Loans at Nationwide. In both those roles, he is/was responsible for developing and executing product and customer strategy for business growth in a collaborative environment - a close match for the skills that CUK are looking for. John also served as a Board Member of UK Cards Association when at Nationwide. UK Cards is a trade body for the UK credit card industry.

John is a longtime member of CUK and Fleet Cycling, and a passionate cyclist. We often see him out on the Sunday club ride. John and his partner’s volunteer assistance at the inaugural Fleet Flyer, at the Hannigton Feed Station, was very welcome help.

John is a strong believer in CUK’s vision and mission statements; he will work with CUK to promote a healthier, happier and cleaner world because more people cycle, and make a lasting difference to the lives of individuals and communities across the UK by championing cycling for everyone.

The ballot forms will be delivered in the magazine sometime over the next few weeks - vote for John and help get him on the Board of Trustees.

If you would like to distribute this information to your friends and family you can download a PDF copy of this page here.