Maximum total attendees 30; 10 per group

6.45-7pm:                           Arrival at Pedal Heaven (Refreshments)

7pm – 7.40pm                   Session 1

Group 1:                               Bicycle Maintenance ( we can discuss in more detail as to what level )

Group 2:                               Introduction to Retul Bike Fit (Ride Further, Faster and in greater comfort)

Group 3:                               Presentation Retul Masterfit Custom Footbed/Insole (Scientifically tested to

increase power, endurance and comfort)

7.45pm – 8.30pm             Session 2

Group 1:                               Introduction to Retul Bike Fit

Group 2:                               Retul Masterfit Custom Footbed/Insole

Group 3:                               Bicycle Maintenance

8.30pm – 8.40pm             Break Refreshments

8.40pm – 9.30pm             Session 3

Group1:                               Retul Masterfit Custom Footbed/Insole

Group 2:                               Bicycle Maintenance

Group 3:                               Introduction to Retul Bike Fit

Additional Information on:

Retul Bike Fit (Ride Further, Faster, and in Greater Comfort

Retül Fit enables riders to maximize power, endurance, and comfort regardless of the type of riding you do. During your personal Retül Fit session, our trained specialist will assess your individual needs and systematically tailor your bike position and equipment to your body.

Whether you are just starting out as a rider, or a seasoned professional like one of our Race Team members, having a poor Fit will greatly affect the quality and enjoyment of your ride. While there are many fitting services to choose from, Retül Fit is the most comprehensive Fit system available to all riders, regardless of experience level or even the brand of bike you choose to ride. It goes beyond the basics offered by competitors, and is an individualised, scientifically proven system focusing on all aspects of a rider's position.

For both Road and Mountain Bikes a fit session is a personalised, one-on-one consultation with one of our professionally trained, qualified and enthusiastic Retül Fit Specialists.

Retul Masterfit Custom Footbed/Insole

Custom footbeds are ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to increase power, endurance and comfort through a precise custom level of hip, knee and foot aligment. Consider them a fast and easy way to take your performance to the highest level.