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Ride Leaders will do their best to post updates and ride cancellations on the Fleet Cycling Facebook page.
Posts to that page will also appear in the next column of this page, and on the HOME > UPCOMING RIDES page of this site. Make one of these a favourite on your smartphone.

Regular ride leaders: please contact Colin Waters if you do not have permission to post on that Facebook page, and he will add you to the permissions list.

We also have a Fleet Cycling Facebook Groups page on which any Facebook user can post. However, due to the 2018 privacy changes by Facebook, we can no longer display posts from that Groups page on this website.

We also suggest joining the WhatsApp group for ride conditions, information and general cycling banter. Please contact Colin Waters from the ride leaders page with your name and mobile number to be added to the group. Please note that any content in the WhatsApp group is between the group members and not affiliated with Fleet Cycling.

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Garmin RWGPS Download

Several people have said they have difficulty in downloading routes from RWGPS to their Garmin so for those with later generation ( i think from 810 onwards but stand corrected ) I set out pictorial help, using bluetooth connection. You do not need anything other than the free RWGPS account to do this. You do need to first pair your smartphone with your Garmin and make sure you follow the instructions to pair using the Garmin Connect App that you can download for free.
1. From the RWGPS link on the FB page open on your phone.
2 Open the menu on top right hand side and hit the "pin this" option.
3. Open your RWGPS app, go to routes "pinned" to make sure it shows.
4 Open your Garmin, open IQ apps and choose the routeCourse app.
5 With phone and Garmin paired refresh "routeCourse" and all the pinned routes will appear on the screen, on RH side of the route you require hit the download symbol.
6 You get 2 options, hit the "download only" button.
7 When downloaded you get a blank white square as per photo.
8 Close the IQ app and open "Courses" on the Garmin to check the route is there.

If all else fails you can of course download using USB lead from a laptop.
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