Cycle Routes

The map pages and routes

To see a map page and associated route, click on the left-hand menu. Besides displaying the route on the map there are also some details about the route, such as the ride distance in miles, the total ascent in feet, coffee stops/lunch stops used and when the route was last cycled by the club. All the routes have actually been ridden.

Star Classification

We have also given our club rides a star classification 2* to 5*. For an explanation of the star classification, see the About Our Rides page.

Download a GPX file of the route

On the map page there is button to download a zipped GPX file of the route.

Note for aficionados - we have called them 'routes' but, to be correct, they are 'tracks' which display more clearly on Google Maps, as they do not have waypoints to clutter the display. Our tracks are recorded with a Garmin GPS but be wary of changing road conditions especially during the winter months.

Where we know when the ride was last used by the club we have indicated that on the map page but we cannot guarantee the the road conditions will not have changed since then.

Ride leaders may post a GPX/TCX file or Ride With GPS link of their proposed route before each ride on the Facebook group. New riders may wish to familiarise themselves with the route before the ride.

Note on downloading to Garmin Edge Devices

See the post in our blog - here

Other information provided

If there are interesting features to see on the ride, or hazards, such as crossing busy roads, we have usually noted that on the map page.

If you have any comments or questions then contact

Jack, Bob and Alan checking the route

These old timers need to download the gpx files!!

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