Fleet Cycling consists of its members. To provide the best service for the members, we have a number of volunteers who give up their time to form a Committee, to fill Non-committee posts, and to act as Ride Leaders. The Committee meets four times a year, and at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). All members are urged to attend the AGM, vote, and provide questions and ideas. Please bring your CUK membership card.

New members are always very welcome and you can come and try our rides, You only need to join Cycling UK if you become a regular rider. New riders are invited to ride with us up to five times to see if the club is suitable.


Position Name Telephone Email
Chair Ed Humphrey 07831 189118 ouredward@outlook.com
Secretary Colin Waters 01252 677909 colin@fleetcycling.org.uk
Treasurer Graham Ellicott 01252 872256 gellicott@yahoo.com
Promotions & PR Lisa Chapman publicity@fleetcycling.org.uk
Welfare Graham Ellicott 01252 872256 gellicott@yahoo.com
Campaigns Officer Mike Mellor 01252 615661 mike.mellor37@btinternet.com
Rides Secretary Colin Waters 07703 305745 colin@fleetcycling.org.uk
Registration Fiona Titcombe 07791 016659 membership@fleetcycling.org.uk
Member Vacancy

Non-Committee Posts

Position Name Telephone Email
Account Examiner Bob McLeod 01252 83532 linebo.mcleod@ntlworld.com
Sunday & Tuesday Ride Organiser Jim Mercer 01252 684764 James_Mercer20@yahoo.co.uk
Webmasters Colin Waters
Andrew Perkins
01252 677909
01252 625775
Right to Ride Rep Wally Happy w.happy@ntlworld.com
Right to Ride Rep Andrew McGill andrew_james_mcgill@hotmail.com
Right to Ride Rep Janet Buckley buckley1215@hotmail.com

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Ride Leaders

See the Ride leaders page

Upcoming Calendar Events

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